Offering the first of its kind online family wealth education, designed to prepare beneficiaries for extraordinary stewardship of wealth. Inspired by our client’s struggles to educate their own heirs, especially in flexible, safe, and secure environments, Tamarind LearningTM developed its comprehensive and standardized family wealth education programs. Each online program can be taken independently, as a cohort, or best yet, with the support and mentorship of a trusted advisor. Our programs engage beneficiaries with vital education on the cornerstones of wealth, appeal to the various learning styles, and reinforce retention.

  • Integrated, comprehensive, and holistic wealth education
  • Option to learn through focused learning programs or to complete the ABS designation
  • Fresh innovative content transforms wealth education from mundane to “edutain”
  • Convenient, flexible, secure, and relevant to today’s reality
  • A long-term value with continued benefit for those who invest in their family capital

Building World-Class Stewards of Wealth

Passing wealth to the next generation? Make sure they are ready to be good stewards. Tamarind Learning is the first and only online program focused on Family Wealth Education preparing the rising generation for the responsibilities of wealth.

  • Developed by Experts – Wealth management professionals and instructional designers from Harvard
  • Relevant, Current & Private –Timely content regularly updated to reflect today’s world in a private and secure environment
  • Engaging and Trackable – Learning checks and family dashboards that enable you to follow progress of one beneficiary or the whole family

Cutting-edge Family Wealth Education

Are you the beneficiary of a trust, trying to navigate the complexities of fiduciary relationships, administration, tax or estate planning? Tamarind Learning empowers you to succeed, and advance.

  • Private & Relevant – Cutting-edge content on family wealth management in a private and secure environment
  • Your Go-to Source for Unbiased Knowledge – Developed by experts in wealth management and instructional designers from Harvard
  • Convenient & Flexible - Focused learning programs or complete ABS designation in a self- paced online environment

Your Trusted Wealth Education Solution

Families look to their closest advisors for help with educating members on family wealth management. Tamarind Learning is the solution you were looking for.

  • Highly Customized & Rigorous Content - Built for trust beneficiaries and their families
  • Empowered Relationships – Increase trust, rapport and goodwill with your clients as they become more knowledgeable
  • Connect & Collaborate – Guide or shadow your clients throughout their learning experience.
  • Improve Productivity – Find content conveniently based on the needs of your clients

Designed for the beneficiary by leading experts, Tamarind Learning is for you. Do you ever think about the following:

  • I have a trust but what does that mean to me?
  • I listen to my advisors but I am embarrassed to ask questions.
  • My parents set up my trust and make decisions for me.
  • What happens to me when my parents are gone?
  • I did not earn the wealth so why must I be responsible for it?
  • I do not know how to discuss financial issues with my parents.

If you have thought about any one of these questions or want to learn more about finance, estate planning, tax, stewardship, and trusts, then Tamarind Learning is the perfect opportunity for you. 

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Tamarind Learning provides comprehensive and rigorous education programs that enhance your advisory role with your clients across a breadth of topics.  Our programs deliver curated and targeted curriculums that foster beneficiary’s awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the core areas of family wealth management. Through our programs, beneficiaries gain access to vital subjects such as fiduciary relationships, roles and responsibilities, basics of estate planning, trusts and tax, elements of personal finance, understanding financial and investment statements, trust administration, working with advisors, and trust investing in a safe, secure, and self-paced online learning environment.

Tamarind Learning is a resource for advisors to mentor their clients on an online program with content that is comprehensive, engaging, and current. Do you resonate with any of the following?

  • Some of my clients don’t understand their responsibilities of managing their wealth
  • It is challenging to engage the next generation who are not involved in the management of their wealth
  • How do I empower the next generation?
  • How do I teach my client what it means to be a beneficiary or a trustee?
  • Creating educational materials for each client is redundant and is time consuming taking me away from advising my clients

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Did you know that approximately 86% of wealth transferred from one generation is passed in trust? Families with significant wealth, business, or financial holdings are at a crossroads with providing proper education to prepare these beneficiaries.

With an estimated $8.8 trillion of wealth transferring from retiring Boomers to Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z in North America, * the need for rigorous financial, fiduciary, investment, and estate planning education that promotes responsible stewardship is in high demand.

* Between 2019 and 2030 366,400 very high net worth ($5M-$30M) and ultra-high net worth ($30M+) individuals will pass on wealth according to Wealth Transfer Report 2019

Families who acquire great wealth over one or more generations may have roadmaps for their estate plan, their wealth, investments, and their businesses; however, many families struggle with the perplexing question of how do I help my adult children garner the knowledge, practical insights, and applied opportunities to learn about wealth in a safe, secure, private and highly customized environment? Where is the next generation’s learning program for tailored wealth education?

Tamarind Learning provides different options to answer this call. Providing a virtual education roadmap, Tamarind Learning’s various programs directly support beneficiaries, their trustees, family offices, wealth advisors, and other trusted parties who are helping beneficiaries succeed. This wealth education roadmap is:

  • An integrated, progressive, and cohesive wealth education approach
  • Contains all the fundamentals required to prepare beneficiaries with the foundations of estate planning, trusts, tax, investing, trust administration, financial planning, fiduciary oversight, trustee and beneficiary relationships, and working with their advisors.

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Stewards are not simply born, they are cultivated with great care, nurture, and support. To date, families and advisors have either built organically or cobbled together learning resources to prepare their offspring for their ownership and investment responsibilities but no standard or benchmark for wealth education existed.

Tamarind Learning devised multiple approaches to learn virtually to answer this call as a step forward to delivering the financial building blocks from the simple to the technical aspects of beneficial ownership. Creating a high learning standard with this comprehensive online approach to stewardship education provides:

  • The option to learn through tailored learning programs or to acquire a professional designation for beneficiaries
    • Until now, similar professional designations have only been for fiduciary professionals and advisers
    • With the successful completion of the ABS professional designation, beneficiaries now have a continuous learning program for ongoing education to support them in stewarding their family’s long-term wealth
  • A novel platform transforms wealth education from mundane to modern
    • Industry experts with a track record of educating affluent beneficiaries bring fresh new ideas to the forefront
    • Newest online education techniques coupled with current, interesting content tailored to adult learners
    • Inspiring cases, anonymized examples, mixed with actual case law

Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants

Online education has quickly been adopted in the wake of the world’s most severe global pandemic in a millennium. More than a billion students have been impacted globally (approximately 60+% of learners). Further, eLearning adoption, especially at the university and college level, has grown significantly as large schools have become a hot zone for COVID-19 spread and more and more learners registering in brick and mortar college and university programs declines. Even before COVID-19, The Best Colleges “2019 Online Education Trends Report” indicates that convenience and flexibility is the biggest reason for taking courses online. Since 2000, the growth of the eLearning sector is 900%, with more than $72.41 billion being invested into this sector from 2020-2024.

Another driver for virtual learning is the shift to working remotely. Nearly half (42%) of U.S. workers now work from home with only 26% working onsite. Today’s learner needs the flexibility, ease, and convenience of accessing information, education and learning from a screen when they are on the go. For today’s learner, Tamarind Learning is:

  • Convenient, flexible, secure, and relevant to today’s students
    • Adapts to all types of devices – mobile, pad, computer – making learning convenient anytime, anywhere
    • Self-paced format allows learners to progress at their own speed and between sessions, can pick up where they left off
    • Content applicable to learner’s own lives and situations
    • Provides anonymity and confidentiality through the secure online portal
  • A long-term value with continued benefits
    • Tamarind Learning provides a significant value over other educational programs that require in-person, classroom or family meeting time
    • Creates a long-term positive impact on beneficiary’s ability to steward wealth and life-long learning proposition

Stewardship in Action Program

This program is comprised of nine introductory courses and focuses on the concept of stewardship, the factors that erode wealth over generations, the roles, and responsibilities of a beneficiary and trustees. 

Estate Planning, Trusts, and Tax Program

This program is comprised of nine intermediate-level courses and introduces legal structure and tax considerations for U.S. estate planning, trusts, and tax planning. 

Financial Planning, Administration, and Investing Program

This program is comprised of nine advanced courses and introduces personal finance, budgeting, trust administration, trust investing, and how to work with advisors. 

2nd Gen Family Member

“My family hired Kirby and Tamarind Partners for a year-long, comprehensive education project. In the past, weekend family office meetings hadn't worked to create lasting engagement for my sisters and me. Kirby and her team assessed our needs and created a bespoke, web-based plan to help us with everything from investing 101 to financial planning, working with advisors to goal setting. Not only did Kirby provide us with the basic resources and knowledge we needed to feel more confident as next gen members, she also provided invaluable and personal mentorship.”

2nd Gen Family Member

“Kirby takes a holistic approach to family wealth education. Rather than sitting around a conference table once a quarter with generic presentations, our relationship consisted of dynamic education and mentorship that responded to where each of us was career-wise, education-wise, and personally. Our experience with Kirby was results-driven, rewarding, and empowering. Next generation family offices aren't just a talking point for Tamarind - they are innovating all the time to create workable, engaging plans for families.”

3rd Gen Family Business Member and Investor

"Kirby is filled with wisdom. In my experience with her, she is passionate and committed to positive growth for the individuals and families she is engaged with. Kirby exudes a positiveness and a belief in your greater good. She has been enlightening and a motivational force to continual learning. Kirby is a gem and I’m fortunate to have come across.”