The greatest challenge faced by affluent families and grantors is preparing the next generation for the responsibilities and challenges of sustaining family wealth. Today, many families tend to see their wealth dissipate as the 2nd and 3rd generation comes into the picture.

Tamarind Learning is an innovative, interactive learning platform designed to prepare beneficiaries to become extraordinary stewards of wealth. Our Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship (ABS) program provides vital education in the foundational areas of estate planning, trust, tax, investing, trust administration, financial planning, fiduciary oversight, trustee and beneficiary relationships, and supports beneficiaries when working with their advisors.

Empower your beneficiaries with an integrated, progressive, and cohesive wealth education approach.

Monthly One Time

Individual: 1 User

Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

  • Access to 10 Courses
  • ABS Accreditation
  • Go At Your Own Pace
  • Total Privacy
  • Content Updated Regularly
  • Unlimited Access for 2 years

Group Pricing Available

  • Perfect for Family Offices, Families, Siblings, Cousins or Peers
  • Pace with Group or Individually
  • Total Privacy
  • Additional Features
  • Track Progress of Group
  • Share Notes, Questions, & Thoughts
  • Document Storage
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Enterprise: 10+ Users

Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

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  • Perfect for Institutions, Multi-Family Offices, RIAs, Trust Companies and Large Groups
  • Custom/Personalized Access to Courses
  • 3, 5, or 10 Year Terms  
  • Ability to White Label
  • Track Progress of Learners
  • Single Sign-On Option
  • Advisors Connected to Family Learners
  • Pace with Group or Individually
  • Share Notes, Questions, and Thoughts 
  • Document Storage Capability
  • Multiple Cohorts and/or Single Users
  • Education Consulting Support

Stewards are not simply born, they are cultivated with great care, nurturing, and support. To become a good steward, you must develop skills, define your vision and values and put them into action, and work to continually adapt and hone your path.

Tamarind Learning is a highly tailored education experience using multiple approaches to teach and empower your beneficiary with the financial building blocks to understand their wealth. Knowledge is power. This comprehensive online approach to wealth education can result in: 

  • Increased Competence and Confidence in the core areas your beneficiary should be knowledgeable in, such as the roles and responsibilities of beneficiaries and trustees, estate planning, trust basics, trust administration, tax, and trust investments
  • Empowerment to advocate for your family with increased command
  • Generational Wealth that can continually perpetuate from learning to be a responsible steward 

The ABS program from Tamarind Learning features sophisticated metrics to track progress, demonstrating each beneficiary's understanding and knowledge. Beneficiaries will show increased confidence, competence, and empowerment to be a good steward of their wealth. Tamarind Learning reduces the stress of passing on your wealth. It makes the learning experience for your beneficiaries efficient, effective, and enjoyable.