The Complete Family
Office Handbook, Second Edition

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, 2020

The Complete Direct
Investing Handbook

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, 2017

The Complete Family
Office Handbook, First Edition

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, 2014

Wealth and Wisdom

Tom McCullough and Keith Whitaker, 2nd edition, December 2018

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, Contributing Author, “Should You Choose a Single-Family Office or a Multi-Family Office?”

Family Offices, The STEP
Handbook for Advisers

by Barbara R. Hauser and Nicola Saccardo 

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, Contributing Author, “Values, Vision & Mission”

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Handbook of Research on
Entrepreneurs’ engagement in
Philanthropy, Perspectives

Marilyn L. Taylor, Robert J.Strom, David O. Renz, 2014

Frank Hoy and Kirby Rosplock, PhD, Contributing Authors, “Issues in Multi-generation Family Companies”

The Landscape of
Family Business

Ritch L. Sorenson, Andy Yu, Keith H. Brigham, G.T. Lumpkin, 2013

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, Contributing Author, “Family Dynamics in the Family Business”

Understanding Family

Alan Carsrud, Malin Brännback, 2012

Kirby Rosplock, PhD and Diane H.B. Welsh, Contributing Authors, “Sustaining Family Wealth: The Impact of the Family Office on the Family Enterprise”

Enabling Next Generation Legacies

Peter Jaskiewicz and Sabine Rau, 2021

Kirby Rosplock and Dianne H. B. Welsh contributed chapter 4.4 We Have Wealth. When Should We Set Up a Family Office to Organize It? 

The Beneficiary Primer

Patricia M. Angus, Esq., 2020

Unpacks all of the legal, financial, and emotional issues that trust beneficiaries face.

The Trustee Primer

Patricia M. Angus, Esq., 2015

"A great starting point--or refresher--for understanding trusts..."

Borrowed from Your Grandchildren:

The Evolution of 100-Year Family Enterprises

 Dennis T. Jaffe, 2020

A fascinating look at how large, long-lasting business families succeed across generations

Family Trusts

 Hartley Goldstone, James E. Hughes Jr., Keith Whitaker, 2015

A guide for anyone involved in family trusts: trust creators, trustees, beneficiaries, and advisors.

Estate & Trust Administration For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Margaret A. Munro, Kathryn A. Murphy, 2018

Guides you through the confusing process of administering an estate and/or trust.