Stewardship in Action Program

This program is ideal for those recently coming of age, those who are learning more about the family’s estate plan and intentions, and/or those who are ready to have beginning conversations on key principles around stewardship. Adults who may have little or no understanding of the family wealth will find this learning program a useful introduction to key stewardship concepts that are universal to beneficiaries in North America to those residing internationally. The courses are delivered in English, and there is no assumption that a beneficiary has knowledge about the family’s wealth or trust(s).

The learner will benefit from the applied nature of the content to start and enhance their relationship with the trustee. The courses provide guidance to beneficiaries about their role and responsibilities as well as clarifies that of the trustee.  A deeper look at the evolving relationship of beneficiaries and trustees is explored, with suggested exercises and activities to foster the trustee/beneficiary relationship. Learning resources include activities, podcasts, articles, books, and learning case studies. Learners can test their knowledge at the end of each course.