Set the stage for successful wealth education by taking this in-depth assessment. 

This assessment is designed to guide you through the creation of a personal education plan (PEP), supporting the selection of wealth education topics and identifying priorities to focus on. Start below and use the final report to develop your PEP. 

This workbook is designed to be used directly by beneficiaries, families or advisors to:

  • Define a Personal Vision with learning needs in mind
  • Establish learning objectives and goals
  • Structure a personal education plan (PEP)

This workbook can be used in conjunction with the Personal Education Plan Assessment, below. 

Assess your family's education needs with a Tamarind Learning Expert.

Set up a short one-on-one consultation to discuss:

  • Your needs, interests, program, and pricing options
  • Ways to use Tamarind Learning (individually, in groups, or cohorts)
  • See a live demo and ask any questions you may have

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