Join Family Business Network members in this interactive learning experience. The course will kickoff June 28th and members will have two months of free access to the Stewardship course. Limited seats are available, so save your spot today.

What is the Stewardship course?

The Stewardship course introduces the concept of stewardship and the role that stewarding principles play in beneficiary’s lives. Students explore values in terms of how they relate to stewardship and being a beneficiary. The Stewardship course lays the groundwork for families to empower their adult children to steward the family's wealth and legacy for generations to come. View the course outline here.

  • Next and Now Gen Family Members
  • Family Champions
  • Family business owners/operators
  • Trust grantors & beneficiaries
  • Anyone interested in learning more about stewarding wealth
  • Fundamental knowledge and skills that lay the groundwork for responsible stewarding of wealth
  • A clear understanding of what stewardship is and what it means to your family system
  • A deeper connection to your inheritance story 
  • Key insights into the coming wealth transfer 
  • Lessons on preserving wealth 
  • A special offer from Tamarind Learning for comprehensive wealth education to prepare adult inheritors to steward wealth for generations to come

Tamarind Learning's comprehensive curriculum and built-in communication tools provide opportunities to connect with peers and foster connections with your family - all while delivering the necessary skills and knowledge for next and now gen family members to steward wealth.