Tips and Tools to Galvanize Learning

with NextGen Clients

Next Session March 2023 (TBD)

*Advisor-focused webinar. Limited seats available!*

This advisor-focused webinar will introduce you to tips and tools to galvanize learning with your NextGen clients. Making use of an advanced e-learning platform together with in-person learning tools,   we will share resources that advisors can use to empower and connect with their clients. 

  • Advisors to NextGen clients
  • Family office leaders and professionals
  • Professionals interested in education for families of wealth or business 
  • Technical experts supporting UHNW families
  • Tips on how to support individual learners (solo) versus working with groups or cohorts
  • Ways to inspire learning and the 'pros' and 'cons' of 'carrots' versus 'sticks'
  • Tools to galvanize learning with your clients:
    • Wealth Education WorkbookTM
    • Personal Education PlanTM
  • Latest e-learning strategies to build rapport and deepen connections with NextGens through the Tamarind Learning platform.