Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

Stewardship in Action Program

Estate Planning, Trusts, and Tax Program

Financial Planning, Administration, and Investing Program

There are two forms of navigation in each course:

Every course has a menu bar situated to the top right of the page. Click on 'Lessons' to open the course outline where you can click on any completed lesson or the next lesson. On the lesson page, you can click on the 'Next' button to move forward or the 'Back' button to move backwards. These buttons appear on the top and bottom of the page. At the very bottom right of the page is an up arrow that will take you back to the top of the page.

Click on the 'Home' button to take you to the course overview page. From here, you can click on the 'Dashboard' button to take you back to the dashboard.

After you enroll in your wealth management education program, a dashboard tile on your top navigation bar will take you to your enrolled courses within the program. Each program is designed with a specific number of courses.

From there you will see a learning path as illustrated to the left for each course. This shows the order in which we recommend you study the course.

The course outline will show the sections that need to be completed as you go along. Material is made up of interactive content, videos, case studies, and other multi-media resources. You can read a summary about the course on the right side menu and you also have access to a glossary of terms.

Homework, quizzes, a wrap up, and an exam at the end will be your final steps to completion. TL will lead you to your next course within your wealth management education program.