Web Browser Issues

  • Slow performance and page loads - this is most likely due to a network issue or a disruptive internet connection. Background Applications and digital downloads can cause a slowdown. Make sure all software and program updates are done, that your WiFi signal is strong, and that you are not running anything at the time of your learning.
  • You need to clear your browser's cache - Click here for instructions on how to clear your cache for any browser. This is different than clearing your tile cache which is the process by which images are downloaded and saved to a cache for faster retrieval, thus improving performance of client applications.
  • Pages don't appear as expected - your server may be holding the page back because it's not finished loading, or it could be your internet connection. Refresh the page by hitting CTRL & F5 on a PC or Command, Shift and click the 'R' key on a Mac.
  • Repeated random browser crashes - malware can be a cause of this issue. This can redirect your Internet searches or even takes complete control of your browser. Microsoft Security Scanner can be used to search for malware on your computer.