Below are resources from the family meeting in Portugal. For those family members interested to follow up directly with Tamarind Learning, please reach out to Kirby Rosplock at to schedule additional conversations. Click here to access Kirby's calendar.

The family office ecosystem Presentation & ABC Case Study

Kirby Rosplock, PhD shared an overview of the family office addressing its purpose, services, models, pricing, and more. To access the Family Office Ecosystem PowerPoint slides, click here.

Following the Family Office Ecosystem presentation, the family worked through an interactive case of a family going through a transition to select the appropriate family office model. To access the ABC Case Study, click here. To access the PowerPoint slides associated with the ABC Case Study, click here

Here is a relevant book chapter that discusses the pros and cons of an SFO versus an MFO.

The complete Family office handbook

Dr. Rosplock is the author of The Complete Family Office Handbook an invaluable guide to understanding all aspects of a family office. Included are discussions on models, structures, service offerings, outsourcing vs. insourcing, family banks, private trust companies, and more.

Here is a sample chapter from the book on family governance. Click here to purchase the book.

Tamarind Learning Podcasts

Tamarind Learning has several different types of podcasts. Click here to visit the podcast webpage to find those that most interest you. Below are a couple that might be applicable.

    Preston Root - Building Continuity Across Generations (21 Minutes)

Keeping your family's heritage and values is one of the largest challenges faced by multigenerational family enterprises and family offices. How do you honor your heritage while continuing to evolve as a family office with multiple family households?

Host Kirby Rosplock, Ph.D., sits down with Preston Root, a member of the 121-year-old Root Family, to discuss how to continually build bridges and continuity among individuals across multiple generations and touch on a few things that have been effective for them in keeping their family together.

  Family Office Culture and Identity - Jill Barber (30 Minutes)

Before engaging in strategic planning for a family office, understanding its culture and identity is paramount. These two pillars of an office influence how a family moves towards its future goals and vision for the family offices.  

Host Kirby Rosplock, Ph.D., sits down with Jill Barber, President of CYMI Holdings, to discuss how to align with the family’s values, why being intentional with office culture matters, and tips for improving current identity and office culture.

Wealth In Focus

Tamarind Learning's Wealth in Focus newsletter highlights industry thought leadership on everything family wealth, from governance to philanthropy to family office leadership. View our past newsletters here.

Education Planning for the family 

Designing wealth education plans for families can be overwhelming. Here is a short article to overview some best practices. To jump in and begin talking about wealth with family members, who are looking for more advice on how to talk to younger family members about wealth, click here.

This comprehensive assessment outlines key areas our education council has seen as knowledge gaps with NextGens and adult members of wealthy families. Complete the assessment to see which areas you and your family can grow in to be better prepared to tackle the challenges that owning wealth, wealth transitions, and managing complex trust, tax, and estate planning environments can bring. Here is the link to the assessment to get started.

Wealth workbook

This workbook and accompanying video series will guide you through exercises to dive into what wealth means to you and your family.

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