Please review the following resources in preparation for the upcoming family Zoom Meeting. Please read the "Two Pillars of Governance" article by Dennis Jaffe and Jim Grubman. Then listen to a podcast on the Two Pillars of Governance model with the authors Jim Grubman and Dennis Jaffe. Then listen to a podcast with Chris Herschend, Family Chair of Herschend Family Entertainment describing the role of family leadership and family governance. 

The Two Pillars of Governance

This article discusses the Two Pillars of governance. On one side is the traditional aspects of enterprise governance while on the other is the family governance pillar. This article expands on the need for family enterprises to formalize family governance in relation to their corporate governance.

Dennis Jaffe and Jim Grubman Webinar on Governance

This hour-long webinar shares firsthand insights from the authors of the Two Pillars of Governance article and how to bring it into practice for a family. Dennis and Jim share insights and practical experience about the "why" and "how" of setting up the family governance pillar.