Families & Beneficiaries

Designed for the beneficiary by leading experts, Tamarind Learning was made for you. Do you ever think about the following:

  • I have a trust but what does that mean to me?
  • I listen to my advisors but I am embarrassed to ask questions.
  • My parents set up my trust and make decisions for me.
  • What happens to me when my parents are gone?
  • I did not earn the wealth so why must I be responsible for it?
  • I do not know how to discuss financial issues with my parents.

If you have thought about any one of these questions or want to learn more about finance, estate planning, tax, stewardship, and trusts, then Tamarind Learning is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Current and future adult beneficiaries of wealth in trust

The nature of your asset(s), the scale of wealth, and your knowledge and interest as a beneficiary all play into the best learning program fit. 

Access to your trustee and trust information is not required

Documents such as your will, trust, financial statements, and estate plan are not required but can enhance your experience through applied learning assignments or can be used if working with an advisor

Ability to work with your trustee and other advisors is ideal but not required

While not required, your ability to work with your trustee and other advisors may enhance your experience with the applied learning assignments 

A strong command of the English language

All learning programs are in English, utilizing mixed media elements such as audio, visual, and experiential

A minimum of a high school reading level is recommended

Learning program content progresses from introductory to advance with some courses building and being more advanced

Increased Competence and Confidence

Increased competence and confidence in the foundational areas of beneficiary stewardship, the roles and responsibilities of beneficiaries and trustees, estate planning, trust basics, trust administration, tax, and trust investments


Empowerment to advocate for yourself and your family by increasing your knowledge of your own trust and estate plan

Improved Relationships and Productivity

Improved communication, quality, and productivity in your working relationships with your advisors, trustees, and family members

Increased Credibility

Increased credibility and respect among members of your family

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