Estate Planning, Trusts, and Tax Program

This learning program is ideal for the adult who is interested in learning more about the mechanics of estate planning, how trusts are structured and operate and a deeper understanding of the U.S. tax system. The concepts covered are specific to beneficiaries in the U.S., as this learning program does not cover international jurisdictions and planning considerations. The courses are delivered in English, and there is no assumption that a beneficiary has knowledge about the family’s current estate plan, trust structures, or knowledge of tax history and policy.

This learning program benefits those who want a stronger foundation in estate planning goals, techniques, and process. Further, the trust course aids learners regarding the various types of trust structures, how they are set up, administered, taxed, and monitored. The tax course provides insights to tax history, tax forms, and the application of tax considerations to a learning case study. The learner will benefit from the applied nature of the content to start and enhance their relationship with the various parties to a trust.