Investing Fundamentals - Module 1

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Kirby Rosplock

Kirby Rosplock (Ph.D.)

Born into a very successful enterprising family, Kirby learned family wealth basics the way most affluent offspring do (or don’t) Read More

About Course

Module 1 of Investing Fundamentals builds the foundational understanding of how a trust is invested. Read More

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  • Goals

Asset Types

  • Overview

Asset Classes

  • Introduction

  • Equities

  • Fixed Income

  • Bonds

  • Bonds - Four Components

  • Mutual Funds

  • Alternatives

Power of Compounding

  • Compounding Interest

  • Compounding Scenarios

  • Rule of 72

Time Horizon

  • Short vs. Long Term

Portfolio Construction

  • What is Your Asset Allocation?

  • Different Types of Asset Allocation

  • ESG & Impact Investing

Investment Risk and Return

  • Risk, Return and Your Trust

  • Homework I


  • Wrap Up

Test Your Knowledge

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Module 1 of Investing Fundamentals builds the foundational understanding of how a trust is invested. The module focuses on common practices for investing in a trust, the more common asset classes that a trust may typically hold, and the investment considerations for those common asset classes. This module explores the concept of compounding, portfolio construction, time horizons, and risk and return.  It concludes with an overview of annual asset class performance and the factors that can influence performance.

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