With an estimated $8.8 trillion of wealth transferring from retiring Boomers to Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z in North America*, wealth education may be the deciding factor for families who stay with their current advisors as it builds trust and rapport.

Tamarind Learning is a world-class, 100% virtual, wealth education platform that brings a fresh, fun, and modern twist to learning. Upon successful completion of the Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship (ABS) program, beneficiaries will have a continuous learning program to support them in stewarding their family's wealth.

Spend more time advising and less time explaining while helping to grow the next generation into the leaders of tomorrow. 

*According to Wealth Transfer Report 2019

  • Comprehensive curriculum spanning twenty-six courses covering wealth, taxes, investing, finance, and trusts
  • Foster deeper client-advisor trust with families and beneficiaries
  • Be more efficient with advisement by providing an educational resource that helps your clients become more prepared 
  • Interactive, real-life resources help augment beneficiary learning and understanding
  • Ability to learn on their own (asynchronously) or with their peers (in a cohort)

ABS Assessment - Are Your Clients Right For The Program?

This short assessment gauges your client's level of knowledge and understanding of the 9 topics covered within the ABS program. Use this assessment to identify areas where the program can help your clients build and deepen their wealth foundation.

This course is speaking to me so loud and clear. I'm not overwhelmed, especially as I get what feels like direct access to people like Jaffe and Grubman. I'll be spreading the word about this course! - Daniel W.

Very relevant and important material. User friendly and comprehensible. - Amy H. 

After this estate planning course, I can say I have a grip on the legal language which previously was so intimidating and destabilizing! - Lee M.

Taxes are never fun! The visuals were very good and made it interesting from the start. - Robin M.

BEnefits of ABS Program 

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Is Your Client a good Candidate for the Abs program

Not sure if your clients need wealth education? Click here for guiding questions to ask to uncover the need or interest in the ABS program

Screening Questions for ABS program

Click here for a question flow chart which can help you understand if you have clients that may benefit from the ABS program

Connect and collaborate with your clients by guiding or shadowing beneficiaries throughout their learning experience

Monthly One Time

Individual: 1 User

Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

  • Access to 10 Courses
  • ABS Accreditation
  • Go At Your Own Pace
  • Total Privacy
  • Content Updated Regularly
  • Unlimited Access for 2 years

Group Pricing Available

  • Perfect for Family Offices, Families, Siblings, Cousins or Peers
  • Pace with Group or Individually
  • Total Privacy
  • Additional Features
  • Track Progress of Group
  • Share Notes, Questions, & Thoughts
  • Document Storage
  • Contact Us for payment options

Enterprise: 10+ Users

Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship Program

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  • Perfect for Institutions, Multi-Family Offices, RIAs, Trust Companies and Large Groups
  • Custom/Personalized Access to Courses
  • 3, 5, or 10 Year Terms  
  • Ability to White Label
  • Track Progress of Learners
  • Single Sign-On Option
  • Advisors Connected to Family Learners
  • Pace with Group or Individually
  • Share Notes, Questions, and Thoughts 
  • Document Storage Capability
  • Multiple Cohorts and/or Single Users
  • Education Consulting Support